ELL Advocacy Program

featured on “Latino Life”

Community Connection Coordinator, Maria Ceballos, was recently a featured guest on "Latino Life,” a program produced by KFSN ABC-30 that focuses on issues impacting the Latino community and highlights positive contributions Latinos are making in the Valley.

Ms. Ceballos spoke with host Graciela Moreno about Reading And Beyond's new English Language Learner Advocacy (ELLA) program, which ultimately strives to help English Language Learner students graduate high school prepared and eligible to attend a four-year-university.

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ELL Advocacy Program

Cal-Valley Donation and

Book Giveaway Event

Cal-Valley Insurance raised $3,675 for Reading And Beyond's literacy program through the "Do Something Special" campaign sponsored by Safeco Insurance Company. Contestants were able to choose a charity to receive the contest proceeds. Cal-Valley Insurance chose Reading And Beyond's literacy program to be the recipient of this money.

Cal-Valley representatives presented Reading And Beyond with a check and helped distribute our books to students at Storey Elementary.  The event was covered by KFSN-TV ABC30...

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Community Site Spotlight

Einstein Park Update

On October 1st, Einstein Park Neighborhood Center (near Millbrook and Dakota) became our newest community-based site, operating in partnership with the City of Fresno....

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KJWL 99.3 FM

Committed to Our Community

Our friends at KJWL 99.3 FM support Reading And Beyond by allowing us free airtime to reach out to their audience, for potential new volunteers.

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Special Thanks to Bank of the Sierra

Reading And Beyond wishes to thank Bank of the Sierra for their recent visit, in which they presented us with a donation of $2,000.  The support of friends and partners in our community like Bank of the Sierra allows us to reach more families and children through our programs and services.

Thanks again to Bank of the Sierra.  We appreciate your support!


First 5 Fresno County

End-Of-Program Thanks

Thank you to First 5 Fresno County for their collaboration and funding of our Family Literacy Program at West Park Elementary. Over the last two years, we served 92 adults and children ages 0-5. 


This program provided family strengthening activities including home visits, parent workshops, family events, field trips, and kindergarten readiness groups. At the end of the program, post-assessment results showed that 80% of the 4-5 year olds scored above the developmental range associated with early reading success.


Upon completion of the program, all families received a home library and multiple referrals to other community resources so parents can continue to support the development of their children and truly be their child's first teacher.  Each of the home libraries included a collection of 40 children's books, a bookshelf, and a beanbag reading chair for the child.


Thanks again to our friends and partners at First 5 Fresno County for helping us make a difference with these families.

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eNewsletter - Issue 10 - December 2010

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Thank You 2010 Volunteers

We wish to extend a special thanks and happy holidays to all of our fall volunteers.  The people listed below give their valuable time to make a difference in a child’s life.  Cheers to the volunteers!


Abude, Frank

Advincilla, Bernadette

Aguilar, Stephanie

Arkelian, Lynn

Arnold, Alisa (Jo’El)

Austria, Chloe

Avila-Fierros, Monica

Bader, Nan

Ballesteros, Cindy

Banuelos, Vanessa

Barnes, Rebecca

Bartucci, Bryan

Bennett, Eleanor

Bertoni-Cryer, Lynette

Blaine, Ellen

Brietigam, Lynette

Brown, Ann

Brown, Shimika

Buchanan, Martin (Dale)

Byerly, Marla

Cadenasso, Nicole

Carr, Mary Ann

Carter, Lynn Marie

Chan, Brenda

Chan, Cara

Coble, Sarah

Conboy, Wanda

Demler, Ryan

Doi, Kelli

Dominguez, Jessica

Dum, Margot

Dum, Nomie

Emory, Alexandra

Espinosa, JoAnne

Espinosa, Sandra

Euston, Judith

Fianna, Ivan

Fiester, Shirley

Flores, Arlet

Flores, Brisana

Flores, Belen

Flores, Teresa

Folino, Claire

Forrest, Alan

Forrest, Carol

Furr, Adrienne

Garcia, Linda

Gaskill, Todd

Gomez, Guadalupe

Gonzalez, Gabriela

Gross, Karen

Guell, Nicole

Gurrola, Beatrice

Hague, Sue

Hamm, Mary Jane

Hart, Steven, Dr.

Hawkins, Charlien

Hernandez, Miguel

Higgins, Rebecca

Holt, Carrie

Immekus, Jason, Dr.

Jacinto, Veronica

Jolley, Karen

Johnson, Jeanette

Keeler, Cree

Kerney, Larry

Kratzer, Debbie

Kratzer, Maya

Lacefield, Pattie

Ladra, James

Lara, Jeanenne

Lennon, LaVerne

Logan, Kathy

Lowe, Timothy

McAfee, Gloria

McClurg, Florence

MacDougall, Jennifer

Maldonado, Esther

Mandas, Amanda

Marroquin, Johnny

Martinez, Yenedith

McDowell, Adrianne

Medrano, Angel

Medrano, Reina

Mendes, Lauren

Mensah, Kafui

Meux, Libby

Michelson, Joanne

Middleton, Anne

Milevoj, Emil

Moens, Destiny

Morley, Laurence

Moua, Mai Xia

Munro, Jaime

Murphy, Amiya Leann

Ngeth, Tianna

Nhem, Sokhoeun

Nunez, Edelmira

Olvera, Linda

Ornelas, Miguel

Orosco, Alejandra

Orosco, Victoria

Owens, Gewarren

Parks, Nadiyah

Peaslee, Dee

Pena, Elisa

Polenz, Jo Ann

Polenz, Ned

Ponce, Anna

Quezada, Alexa

Ruben, Jennifer

Salwasser, Donna

Sandoval, Naomi

Scott, Gayle

Shkaruba, Aleksander

Sicairos, Maribel

Sorensen, Maribel

Soria, JoAnn

Soria, Marie

Spagna-Klinetobe, Ann

Srey, Julian Luu

Stanley, Diana

Stratman, Wilma

Suddath, Kay

Sutton, Tammy

Tender, Breayre

Thollie, Marion

Troeger, Joshua

Vang, Pa Houa

Varaitch, Bhupinder

Venegas, Brianna

Villa, Linda

Vue, Kau

Vue, Mia Lee

Walker, Demetrius

Willis, Wanda

Woskoski, Karin

Wright, Holland

Wright, Ken

Wyrick, Jeannette

Wyrick, Judy

Yang, Vongni

Zeluff, Grace

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