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Small World Learning Center

Reading And Beyond's Small World Learner Center, located at Butler Mennonite Church in Southeast Fresno, is part of our Early Childhood Education program serving children ages 0-5 years old. The goal of Small World is to help young children become developmentally, socially, and academically prepared to begin Kindergarten and succeed in their long-term academic journey.

Four-year old Cal started attending Small World this past summer.  His language skills were very limited and he was very timid.  Since he’s started the program, Cal has showed tremendous growth...



Reading And Beyond on

NBC’s “School Pride”

Our Executive Director, Luis Santana, is featured on “School Pride,” an NBC web series that tells stories of communities coming together to renovate their aging and broken public schools. Each week, the series spotlights an educational hero who's working hard to make ours a more colorful world.

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Local Author Jean Chaffee

Donates Nosey The Elephant

Reading And Beyond was honored to receive a donation of books from local author Jean Chaffee.  Mrs. Chaffee donated copies of her children’s book “Nosey The Elephant,” one of her many “Zoo Stories.”

Mrs. Chaffee’s Zoo Stories feature characters based on real animals that once lived at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, from stories told to her by her late husband, Dr. Paul Chaffee, former director of the zoo.

On behalf of the children in our programs who will enjoy these books, we wish to thank Mrs. Chaffee for her generous donation.

The Business Journal

Spotlights Luis Santana

Executive Director, Luis Santana, was recently featured on the Profile page of The Business Journal, which highlights the background and ongoing work of a prominent local businessperson.

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Special Thanks to Cal-Valley Insurance

Cal-Valley Insurance raised $3,675 for Reading And Beyond’s literacy program through the "Do Something Special" campaign sponsored by Safeco Insurance Company.  Cal-Valley placed second out of 74 agencies competing in the campaign.  Cal-Valley won a $3,000 grant for second place and $25 for every policy past the base requirement, which came to $675.  Contestants were able to choose a charity to receive the contest proceeds.  Cal-Valley Insurance chose Reading And Beyond's literacy program to be the recipient of this money.

Reading And Beyond wishes to thank Cal-Valley Insurance Agency for their support of our programs.

The Season of Giving

Support Reading And Beyond

Dear Friends,

Imagine if you were called on in class to read aloud, yet were unable to do so because the book your class was reading was one, two, or even three grade levels above your reading ability.  It’s not that you didn’t want to participate, it’s simply that you could not participate due to your limited reading ability.

Children experience this daily in our community.  According to the California Department of Education, 69% of Fresno Unified School District third-graders were reading below their grade level during the 2009-2010 school year.

Alicia entered the Reading And Beyond Community Site Literacy Program as a second-grader who was reading at a first-grade level.  According to Alicia, she was scared of reading in class because, “When I read stuff to the class it was kinda weird---I was skipping words.”  She now proudly exclaims, “Finally, I know how to read and I don’t skip words.”  Alicia reached grade level by the time she finished third grade, and is one of the many success stories that can be found enrolled in Reading And Beyond’s Community Site Literacy Program.

At Reading And Beyond, 79% of the children served by our Community Site Literacy Program during the 2009-2010 school year improved their reading ability by at least one grade level.  Donations from people like you allow us to continue to operate our community site literacy program free of charge for elementary school students in our community.  It costs us $391 to have a child enrolled for one year at one of our community sites.

As someone who struggled with reading as a child, I ask you today to partner with Reading And Beyond by making a donation to support our Community Site Literacy Program.  A monthly donation of $32.50 will pay for one full year of one-on-one tutoring for a student like Alicia.

Thank you for your support,

Luis Santana

Executive Director

Reading and Beyond

Donations can be made online by clicking on one of the buttons above.  In addition to funds, we also welcome property donations.  For more information on the different ways you can donate to Reading And Beyond, visit our Ways To Donate page.


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