Oscar Campos

Oscar Campos was introduced to the Fresno Bridge Academy (FBA) program through his wife, Araceli, who had just completed her GED through another Reading and Beyond program. Although Oscar had a career goal of entering the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) field, he lacked confidence and the knowledge of how to achieve his goal. Once enrolled in FBA, Oscar attended the Job Club Workshops and participated in Reading and Beyond's Family Resource Nights, which provided information on how to access health coverage.

During his intake session, Oscar shared that his four children were struggling in school and needed tutorial assistance. As a result, Oscar’s children were referred to Reading and Beyond’s literacy-focused, after-school program.

Career & Family Navigators assisted Oscar with researching different HVAC training programs. He opted for the HVAC training program with the Institute of Technology in Clovis. During the 10 month program, Oscar worked full time with Sun Downer and attended school in the evenings. Oscar made the Dean’s List upon graduation and was only one day short from having perfect attendance. The Fresno Bridge Academy assisted Oscar with a small scholarship toward his program cost, and helped him with a monthly gas stipend to cover the gas expenses for driving to and from training each evening.

Toward the end of his 18 month program, a Career & Family Navigator assisted Oscar with his employment search. He worked side-by-side with a Career & Family Navigator on his resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills. He was invited to a job interview with a company in Ceres and offered the job on the spot. The Fresno Bridge Academy Program Manager and a Career and a Family Navigator were present at his graduation and are proud of his accomplishments.


Eva Bautista Perez

Eva Bautista Perez was a bright client with lots of potential. She and her husband worked hard to support their two children. However, she was at a disadvantage when it came to finding work. She only had a high school diploma and little work experience. When she joined the program, Eva’s goal was to obtain job training so she could find permanent work in an office setting.

Over the next several months, Eva actively participated in the Fresno Bridge Academy’s (FBA) Job Club Workshops and Wraparound Activities such as the Career Development and Wellness Seminar to obtain interview skills and professional clothing at no cost. In addition, Eva participated in the First 5 of Fresno County’s coat and diaper distribution program for families with children 5 years old or younger.

A few months into the program, Eva enrolled and completed the Office Preparation Training with Fresno City College. From there, Eva worked to develop her professional work history by interning as a Family Liaison with Reading and Beyond’s Literacy Intervention Program. Since then, Eva has fulfilled her dream and obtained a full-time job working in an office setting. Due to Eva’s full-time employment, she no longer needs public assistance.


Ysidro Angel Hernandez

Ysidro Angel Hernandez, who is married and has two teenaged sons, enrolled in the Fresno Bridge Academy to explore job training opportunities and assistance in finding employment that would allow him to provide for his family.

Angel completed the “Preparing for the Job Search” workshop series to strengthen his ability to land interviews and job offers. Recognizing his effort and determination, the Fresno Bridge Academy granted Angel funding assistance to enroll in and complete the Fresno City College Warehouse Technician Program to pursue his interest in employment as a Warehouse Forklift Driver.

Angel enrolled in the Warehouse Technician program in April 2013 and excelled. He completed his program on time, at the top of his class, and was awarded recommendation letters from all of his instructors.

With renewed confidence in his ability to succeed, Angel and his Career & Family Navigator targeted warehouse and production employers. In less than a month’s time after completion of his training program at Fresno City College, Angel was offered a full-time position as a Forklift Driver at Custom Ag Formulators. Within the first year of his employment, he was promoted to Mixing Operator.


Valeria Leon

Valeria Leon was unemployed with two sons and a boyfriend when she started the Fresno Bridge Academy. Her goal was to complete vocational training and find full-time, permanent employment as an interpreter.

Valeria participated in Job Club Workshops, attended one-on-one soft skills training, and received job search assistance. Fresno Bridge also helped her pay for her books while pursuing her Paraprofessional and Bilingual Instructional Assistance certification at Fresno Adult School. In August 2013, she attended school for Medical Interpreter at Reedley College. She completed her training in May 2014, on time and at the top of her class.

Today, Valeria is working part-time with Orchid Interpreting. She also volunteers at Holy Cross Clinic at Poverello House in Fresno. At Holy Cross Clinic, Valeria interprets for two hours in the Diabetic Clinic. She also trains and manages other translators and interpreters. Valeria is a hardworking, dedicated woman, and she continues to work toward finding a full-time position.


Douglas Howard

When Douglas Howard joined the Fresno Bridge Academy, he was interested in finding full-time, permanent work, but he did not know where to start. He was a shy individual with little work experience. He was not computer literate and had limited transportation resources.

Douglas, who lives with his grandmother and a cousin, researched his training options and career pathways with his Career & Family Navigator. He attended the Custodial Program at Fresno Adult School and utilized the computer lab at Reading and Beyond to complete assignments. He also received extra tutoring and support from Fresno Bridge Academy staff with class assignments. He participated in Job Club Workshops to help him revise his resume and give him confidence in job interviews.

He completed the Custodial Program in November 2014. With his new skills and confidence, Douglas found a full-time job with Fresno Unified School District’s Maintenance & Operations and reduced his assistance on CalFresh benefits.


Milagros Barron

Single parent Milagros Barron was unemployed and had no work experience. After she started the Fresno Bridge Academy, her goal was to find full-time employment as a medical assistant. She began vocational training to become a medical assistant at Kaplan College. She participated in Job Club Workshops, received help with budgeting and one-on-one soft skills training, and assistance with finding a job.

As part of her training at Kaphan College, Milagros started an externship with Fresno Women’s Medical Group. She did such an outstanding job that Fresno Women’s Medical Group offered her full-time employment before her training was completed. She continues to work there and no longer receives CalFresh benefits.

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