School Readiness

Research has shown significant long-term results in children who become “school-ready” prior to entering kindergarten.  These children are prepared, both academically and socially, by participating in Early Childhood Education programs such as preschool and at-home tutoring.

Studies that have followed preschool graduates into adulthood have identified positive relationships between participation in preschool and future life outcomes.

In these studies, children who attend preschool have been found to perform better in school; demonstrate greater academic motivation; and exhibit greater social and emotional maturity. Moreover, preschool graduates have a greater likelihood of graduating from high school, attending college, and gaining employment as an adult. 

Reading and Beyond’s Early Childhood Education programs are based upon the philosophy that parents are their child’s first and most important teacher. The overall goal of our Early Childhood Education programs is to help ensure that children are “school-ready” by the time they begin kindergarten.

Our Early Childhood Education programs include Reading and Beyond Preschool, a center-based enriched childcare program for ages two-and-a-half to six, and County of Fresno Supervised Childcare Rooms.

The program model Reading and Beyond uses is nationally recognized, research-based, and deemed an effective, evidence-based program for children ages two to five years and their parents.

Understanding that a good first five years of a child’s life is essential to their long term development and achievement, our programs were started to help ensure that young children, ages two to five, develop properly and begin school prepared.


Early Childhood Education

Our E.C.E. Programs

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