Poor health can easily harm a child’s education, but it is often overlooked as a cause of drain on a child’s energy, attention span and brain function.   Reading And Beyond’s goal is not only to ensure a child achieves physical fitness today, but that the education provided will continue to make a lifelong impact.

In 2008, the SPARK physical education curriculum was added to the enrichment hour of our After School Program. SPARK is a nationally recognized fitness program for elementary-age students and has been selected as an effective intervention program in many important research studies, cited in the Surgeon General's Report as a “school-based solution to our nation's health care crisis.”  Children in our After School Program are also provided with a healthy snack and beverage.

Since our inception, Reading And Beyond has been assisting low-income families in applying for Healthy Families and Medi-Cal health coverage. Trained staff members help parents complete necessary forms, compile documents, and make informed decisions about health coverage plans. Although Reading And Beyond does not currently receive funding for this endeavor, we believe it is an essential element in meeting our mission.

In addition, Reading And Beyond provides health and nutrition workshops and training for children and parents, educating families on a variety of topics, including disease prevention and how to incorporate physical fitness and healthy eating habits. These workshops have been provided in partnership with the Nursing Department of California State University Fresno, University of California Cooperative Extension, and the Fresno County Office of Education.


Health and Fitness Education

Health and Fitness Curriculum

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