Local Dental Pilot Project

Increasing Denti-Cal Access and Utilization in Fresno County

Lack of access to dental care is serious health crises facing many Valley families. Our Local Dental Pilot Project (LDPP) was designed increase Denti-Cal access and utilization for low income children ages 0-20 in Fresno County. Also known as the Statewide Dental Transformation Initiative (DTI), the project employs Health Outreach workers to contact families and connect them directly with dental appointments. Workers also regularily attend community health fairs and events to recruit and inform families.


Services we offer to families:

  • Eligibility screening and help signing up for Denti-Cal
  • Help finding a dentist near you that accepts Denti-Cal
  • Assistance setting up dental appointments and appointment reminders
  • Information on proper dental care

Services for dentists:

  • Incentives for accepting Denti-Cal patients
  • Assistance with billing
  • Fewer no-shows because of our appointment reminder system


This program is administered through the Fresno County Public Health Department and supported by many organizational partners, including Fresno County Economic Opportunity Commission, Fresno Unified School District, the Fresno Madera Dental Society, and a number of other community leaders and organizations.


For more information or to sign up call our toll free number at 1(844)421-3484.



News of Interest

Year: 2017

  • Reading and Beyond is awarded 4 million dollars for the Local Dental Pilot Project to increase Denti-Cal access and utilization in Fresno County.