Quality Services

Proven Results

Teaching Children to Read at Grade Level

Since 1999, we have tutored over 5,683 children at our tutoring sites.

Results : 70% of the children who have been in the program at least six months improved at least one grade level in reading.


Engaging Parents to Help Their Children

Since 2003, over 16,632 parents have utilized Reading And Beyond’s parent involvement program to enhance their leadership skills, learn ways to work with their child’s school and teachers, and create a home environment that support children’s success.

Results : CREAD, an independent evaluator within California State University Fresno, confirmed that children of parents who participated in the program performed significantly higher on standardized test scores than children of parents who did not participate.

Preparing Young Children to Begin School

We have conducted 9,350 bi-weekly home visits for families with children 0-5 years old, to mentor parents on how to help their child’s development and prepare them to start school.

Results: CREAD confirmed that children enrolled in our program showed statistically dramatic improvements in their skills needed for success in kindergarten.

Building Health Habits that Affect a Child’s Education

We offer health workshops to the community that focus on nutrition, physical activity and fitness, and disease prevention.  Since 1999, 4,442 parents have participated in this program.

Results: 93% of the program participants reported that they applied the information they learned from the Health Workshops.


Preparing for Higher Education

Beginning in 2007, we implemented the Upward Bound program in conjunction with Central Unified School District to increase the number of students who go on to attend and ultimately graduate from college.

Results: During the first year of this four-year program, all 60 participating students reported improvement in motivation to attend college, academic performance, and in their level of confidence.