In July 2008, Reading and Beyond began a partnership with Butler Mennonite Church to manage and operate the Small World Learning Center.  For the last 37 years, Small World Learning Center has a long-standing reputation in the Southeast community.

The goal of Small World Learning Center is to prepare our children to enter Kindergarten developmentally prepared and ready to learn.  We do this by aiding young children in developing fine and gross motor skills, writing, reading and social skills by providing learning activities that are age appropriate, challenging and engaging for our children.

Children are provided with an integrated learning environment.  They are encouraged to explore and experiment according to their own interests.  We use the California Preschool Learning Foundations as a base to create child centered curricula.  This allows each child to successfully progress and develop educational skills at his or her own rate.

We measure success through formal and informal observations and assessments.  The Desired Results Developmental Profile assessments which are aligned to the California Preschool Learning Foundations, allow us to chart each individual child’s development within their natural learning environment.

Essentially, children at Small World Learning Center are surrounded by a nurturing atmosphere of respect and appreciation.  This philosophy will foster positive self-esteem that will help each child develop and grow intellectually, physically and socially.

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Programs at Small World Learning Center

  1. Bullet Infant Program (0-2 years old)

Helping children develop their social-emotional skills.  Allowing exploration of the surrounding and encouraging  language.  Meeting the individual needs and development of your child.

  1. Bullet Toddler Program (2-3 years old)

Helping children develop language and communication by exposing them to books and litercy material.  Building social and emotional skills as well as cognitive development.  Your child will be given  the opportunity daily to work with number , shape and color recognition.  Children will be encouraged  to express themselves through art, dramatic play, and music

  1. Bullet Pre-K Literacy Program (3-5 years old)

Giving children the tools to succeed in Kinder and beyond.  Whole group activities to develop social skills.  Small group activities in math, literacy,  writing and hands on activities in art and science, cooking.  Development of vocabulary through letters and words.  All in a rich nurturing environment.


"Teachers at Small World are doing a great job teaching my grandson King.  I see a lot of improvement in the way he talks and expresses himself.  He also tries to do more things on his own.  The help with potty training is greatly appreciated.   I am thrilled he is learning Spanish as a second language."

~ Elizabeth Whittle

"[My daughter] Taylor enjoys going to Small World.  She is learning her sounds and practicing writing her name.  She's grown accustomed to her new school easily, and the children there enjoy her.  She is always excited at the end of her day!"

~ Lori Bohanna

"My son Francisco has been with [preschool teacher] Mrs. Lili for over a year, and I can say that his progress has improved beyond my expectations.  I am very excited that he has a great teacher, as well as other great staff from Reading And Beyond.  Francisco knows all his letters and is now learning the sounds to each letter.  He knows all his shapes and loves to sign songs and read books.  I enjoy hearing him sing the same songs that I sang as a child.  Mrs. Lili has done a great job and I am very thankful.  Francisco enjoys going to school every day!"

~ Nancy Burciaga

"Since attending Small World, [my daughter] Alexandra has become more outgoing and less shy when talking with new people.  She’s eager to make new friends and is learning how to interact with other children in a positive way.  She also loves her teachers and talks positively about Circle Time, the songs they sing, and other activities she participates in at school.  She is always eager to attend school in the morning.  Overall, preschool has been a great experience for her."

~ Nancy Witrado

“Small World [Learning Center] has been a good fit for our family. Not only does it fill the need of quality childcare near our home, but the staff has been encouraging, willing to be flexible with our schedules, and even helped us find affordable tuition solutions. Beyond that, my daughter has been learning at or above her age level, and loves the music time, painting/art projects, and the opportunity to play with friends.” 

~ Shelly Spencer