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“The children really enjoy the crafts activities they participate in while their parents are with us, and that the staff is really helpful and does everything they can to make sure the children feel welcome and comfortable in an educational environment.”

~ Alma Sanchez, Eligibility Worker

“The West Fresno Regional Center staff is proud to partner with Reading and Beyond in offering child care services to our clients.  Having the availability of the rooms allows both staff and clients the tranquility to conduct business and the confidence in knowing the children are in a safe and educational environment.”

~ Lionel Garcia, Program Supervisor

Supervised Children’s Rooms

Reading And Beyond provides supervised childcare at six locations throughout Fresno County; five with the Fresno County Department of Social Services, and one with the Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health.  The purpose of the childcare rooms is to afford the children a safe, fun, and enriching environment while their parents or guardians are conducting business with the County of Fresno.

Each site has one full-time Site Coordinator and two part-time Site Aides that deliver exceptional service to children and families. The primary focus for all the staff is to welcome the children into a safe and educational environment that provides interactive activities.  Overseeing the childcare staff is Eva Cosio, Childcare Program Coordinator.

Children who visit our rooms are provided with a snack and a variety of different educational activities including curriculum based on:

  1. Letters, Numbers, and Colors

  2. Arts & Crafts

  3. Reading

  4. Singing

The activities are designed to educate and engage the children while their parents conduct business with the County.  Most of the children who we provide care for only visit the rooms one time, based on the types of services their parents are seeking.  The length of an average visit is 1-2 hours.

For more information, contact:

Family Strengthening Program Manager

  1. (559)283-6687


Supervised Children’s Rooms

Department of Behavioral Health

Heritage II

3133 N. Millbrook Ave

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