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Arasely Rosas
CA Bridge Academies Program Manager
Program Manager/Director at California Bridge Academies

Arasely was raised by a family that teaches the idea that family and having the ability to give back to those around you are among life’s greatest gifts. It was because of these ingrained values that in 2008 upon graduating from UCLA, Arasely returned home to search for a non-profit that would allow her to do just that, work towards creating meaningful change and impact in the lives of the underserved families of Fresno. In the summer of 2008, she joined Reading and Beyond’s K-12 program as a volunteer Literacy Instructor. After identifying with the organizations mission and highly contiguous team environment, she looked for avenues to continue to grow and be involved with the different Reading and Beyond service programs. It was in 2012 where she found her niche with the Fresno Bridge Academy. Since then she has become one of the Program Managers and continues to work towards growing and improving the services offered to our families.