Our Mission

Message from Reading and Beyond Founder and Executive Director, Luis Santana

The mission of Reading and Beyond is to empower children and families to live productive, self-reliant lives. We offer a two-generation program that works with children and parents together to build education, economic assets, social capital, and health and wellbeing to create economic security that passes from one generation to the next.

A growing body of evidence illustrates that two-generation strategies -- which integrate culturally competent education, employment, and parenting and peer support for parents alongside developmental, academic and social supports for children -- are most successful at improving economic mobility for families and education outcomes for children.

Research shows that even modest increases in family income have significant effects on a child's math and reading scores, and that children from disadvantaged backgrounds feel the effects disproportionately. Our-two generation model is based on two key evidence-based insights: when parents' income increase, so do parental aspirations for their children's academic achievement, and when parental aspirations increase, children's educational outcomes improve.

To help break the cycle of generational poverty, we have established a coalition of cross-sector partners across the state to contribute a holistic array of services tailored specifically to the needs of each family. We help families improve economic security and upward mobility, and a continuum of evidence-based cradle-to-career services help children and youth succeed academically, find meaningful careers as college graduates, and become tomorrow's leaders and parents, able to create a brighter future for their own children and communities.

With programs in eight California counties, and more on the way, Reading and Beyond is helping families transition from poverty to productive and rewarding lives.